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An SEO’s favorite answer is “it depends” – and it does! When we work together, I will create a custom strategy tailored to your goals. I’ll focus on initiatives that have impact and shelve the rest.

I don’t do anything on the paid side of search or related to PPC at this time, although I may offer that service in the future. Stay tuned!

Yes! I build websites for local businesses, individuals, blogs, affiliate sites, and similar. I build exclusively on the WordPress platform (for now) and typically utilize Siteground for hosting due to it’s strong plugins for security and site speed.

I do not work outside of WordPress at this time, but there are plans to start building sites using Shopify, Wix, and other platforms in the future.

If it’s a WordPress site, yes, quite easily! If the CMS is a bit more complicated, I will work closely with your developers on fixing and updating key areas of the site related to site speed.

Auditing the cause of traffic and rankings drops caused by algorithm updates is a specialty of mine and can associate well with my SEO audit service or as part of a consulting retainer.

While direct backlink strategies are a smaller, less emphasized part of my SEO services, one of the best ways to achieve more backlinks is to bolster the visibility of your best content, which can be done through page optimization and content strategy.

I have developed successful marketing strategies hundreds of clients – including some of the world’s biggest brands – over the course of a 10-year career in SEO. Additionally, I’ve built websites for a number of businesses and individuals.

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