Training Case Study: Stewart, Condé Nast

Where I Started

When I started training with Brian I had a rudimentary understanding of SEO and how it worked. I understood the basics of how Google operates and why companies pursue SEO in their marketing efforts.

That said, my skills were limited to simple keyword research and on-page optimizations. I had absolutely no knowledge of the technical side of Search and assumed it was all way out of my league without a web dev background.

Training Experience

Brian helped me to build my skills on both the contextual and technical sides of SEO. Once I was competent in one area he would push me to explore another until I felt that I had mastered it. Within a few short months under Brian’s guidance, I became confident in my skills and my ability to take on new facets of the trade.

He clearly has a passion for teaching others and never-ending patience. He answered thousands of questions from me in the years that we worked together, always in a helpful and positive spirit. This is another thing I learned from him that has helped me through every stage of my career and in every interaction I’ve had along the way.

Lastly, as an agency and SEO veteran, Brian has seen it all. He lives and breathes SEO so I always trust him to provide well-researched and accurate advice. There are plenty of people who claim to know about Search but he can prove it.

Where I Am Now

I spent the first two and a half years of my career at an agency rising through the ranks from an analyst to a senior analyst and finally a manager. I have since moved in-house and have been working as a commerce SEO analyst for two years at Condé Nast.

In my time as an SEO I’ve worked with small local companies, large corporations, and now I oversee a number of domestic and international brands such as Vogue, GQ, and Architectural Digest.

Brian taught me numerous hard and soft skills that have allowed me to succeed in my pursuits. I would not be the SEO or professional I am now without the training experiences I had with him.

All of that being said, I’m sure there’s plenty more I could learn from Brian even now. No matter what stage you’re at, he can help you to expand your SEO horizons.

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