Training Case Study: Noah, SEO Strategist

Where I Started

When I first began working with Brian, I was fresh out of college with only a basic background in digital marketing gained from previous internships. I was completely new to SEO and only understood at a high level what it was.

Brian was able to provide comprehensive SEO training that not only enabled me to quickly begin assisting clients with basic SEO tasks, but also helped set the foundation for me to rapidly grow my skills.

Training Experience

Brian was able to provide training that supported me at every stage of my career ranging from completing basic SEO tasks, to later on auditing large, complex sites and setting a comprehensive SEO strategy for them.

One of Brian’s biggest strengths is communicating complex ideas in a way that is easy to understand and immediately put into practice. His training was extremely practical and helped me quickly gain confidence to tackle more complex SEO challenges for my clients.

By going beyond just teaching how to address common SEO issues and helping me understand the bigger picture of SEO, Brian helped me grow in my career, to move beyond entry level tasks and quickly begin tackling more complex sites and issues. His training helped me understand how the different pieces of SEO fit together to help a website maximize its visibility in search results.

Where I Am Now

Currently, a little over two and half years into my career, I am an account strategist overseeing SEO strategy for a number of brands ranging from small local businesses to large e-commerce brands. 

Brian’s training gave me the skills to work with a wide range of clients, and to be able to address a variety of SEO challenges, while confidently communicating recommendations to project stakeholders.

Brian helped me build a strong foundation of SEO knowledge to correctly prioritize client issues, make recommendations that will have the maximum impact, and ensure that my clients understand the impact of proposed recommendations. 

Without his training, I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today, so early in my career! I think that anyone could benefit from Brian’s training whether they are new to the industry, or an experienced SEO already.

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