Training Case Study: Alisa, SEO Manager/Strategist

Where I Started

I graduated college with an Interactive Design degree (focusing on UX design and front end development). I had learned SEO very briefly (handful of classes and no hands on experience) and honestly did not even learn enough to be particularly interested in the field. It wasn’t until I talked to a professional in SEO that I started having an interest in SEO as a career and applying to SEO jobs.

Training Experience

What really stood out to me about my SEO training with BG was the use of real life examples and establishment of timeless core concepts that I continue to build upon today. Brian often walks through real life case studies/problems when explaining how to conduct an SEO tactic and this helps the concepts really stick. It also provides an opportunity to ask questions and understand the nuances that come with SEO. I find that SEO often seems easy on paper, but can quickly get challenging when trying to apply it to real life scenarios.

Additionally, hearing how BG would approach my questions helped me build a framework for how I would later approach problems that I had never encountered before. As for my second note about core concepts, Brian does a great job at teaching the building blocks of SEO and the core tactics that all SEOs should know. He explains the context of these concepts so that you have a healthy awareness of SEO’s ever changing nature and can adapt to the industry and competitive landscape over time.

Overall, Brian is a great teacher and brings a down to earth energy and sense of humor to all his interactions, making the training process fun and easy.

Where I Am Now

After working with Brian at the SEO Analyst level, I became an SEO Account Manager and then moved into my current role as an SEO Strategist at Food52. Being the main internal SEO at my company requires me to be decisive, communicative, and well-versed in many aspects of SEO.

Much of my ability to be confident, data driven, and adaptive in my current role and with my SEO strategy is due to the strong foundation I built early in my career learning from BG. I’m very thankful for the experience and know his future clients will be in great hands!

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