SEO Training

A Proprietary Learning Program With Proven Results

What You Get

SEO Training

Whether you’re a local business, blogger, or an agency, SEO training is a great way to level up your own skills or your team’s capabilities to increase profitability.

I will:

  • begin with a consultation to determine your training needs.
  • provide 1-on-1 and group sessions.
  • assign independent exercises to reinforce lessons.
  • administer assessment tests to measure retention and progress.
  • help develop career roadmaps from SEO Analyst to Manager.
  • send a monthly digest to help keep the team up-to-date on the latest SEO news.

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Pricing, Requirements, & FAQ

Pricing is based on needs and can range from $2,000 to $5,000+ per month.

This service requires full participation from the internal team members involved. Depending on our agreement, SEO training can involve 1-on-1 and group sessions, independent exercises, assessment tests, and more.

Since training needs vary so greatly, there is no time commitment for this service. Some companies need a one-month “flash training” on a certain topic, whereas others are looking to significantly grow the SEO expertise of their team, which could span over multiple years.

SEO training is great for site owners, businesses, bloggers, and internal teams. I am able to use my teaching background to clearly explain SEO in an accessible way, and my proprietary program has shown time and again to level up those with no SEO experience to the Senior Analyst level in as little as 9 months (or sooner, depending on the individual and their access to relevant client work).

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