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SEO Consulting

SEO Consultation is a boutique, all-encompassing service that is best suited to clients with a variety of needs, from ad hoc questions to strategy to SOPs.

I will:

  • answer your ad hoc questions in a timely fashion.
  • audit your website and prioritize fixes.
  • help you set an effective strategy for SEO success.
  • optimize key assets and refresh underperforming content.
  • help your team level up with regular training.
  • provide documentation for SEO best practices and SOPs.
  • provide support for in-house team members and vetting agencies.

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Pricing, Requirements, & FAQ

This base price for this service is $5,000/month, but can cost less or more depending on your specific needs and how much work is required each month.

Be sure to check out the additional service offerings available to you – I have a consulting package to fit almost any need!

Yes. For example, if you’ve requested a comprehensive audit of a large site, that is what the consultation fee will go toward for that month, and other things, like strategy meetings, trainings, etc. may be reduced or halted. That said, I can always be flexible based on your needs and what is being asked to ensure you are getting a great value.

Yes, there is a 3-month commitment associated with this service.

The consultation service can be customized in many ways and, what is listed above are only the most common or sought-after requests I receive. I am capable of offering other items as part of this service, which we can discuss in our initial communications.

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