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SEO Audit

From top to bottom site assessments to reviews of algorithm update impacts, the SEO Audit service finds issues and solves them.

I will:

  • begin with a consultation to determine the main purpose for the audit.
  • perform a comprehensive audit of technical, on-page, and off-page elements (normally takes ~2-4 weeks).
  • itemize and prioritize issues that, if improved or solved, will net the biggest gains.
  • present the findings to relevant internal team members and discuss in detail.

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Pricing, Requirements, & FAQ

Pricing is based on site or situational complexity and can range from $1,000 (simple) to $5,000+ (more complex).

Typically, whether it’s for a technical audit or an algorithm audit, if there is a traffic drop associated and we are working toward recovery, it will involve action on the side of an internal team. It’s possible there will be problems I am able to hop in and help fix, but a lot of times, we are solving the larger issue from multiple angles, which is why different internal team members will be called to action.

There is no time commitment for this service. This is a one-time charge, but it does often lead to more work together as we look to correctly implement recommendations from the audit.

Large websites with a complex architecture (e-comm comes to mind), websites that are having rankings or traffic issues and are unable to solve them or pinpoint the cause, and sites that have not had an SEO review for a long time or ever all make good candidates for an SEO audit.

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