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Page Optimization

Page Optimization is a lightweight service where we can skip the long research phase and jump right into improving your content.

I will:

  • help optimize key pages and refresh old content to maximize the benefit of existing assets.
  • provide SEO best practice documentation for future content, customized to your niche.
  • include custom AI prompt recommendations and AI content updates (if applicable).
  • set up reporting to measure impact.

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Pricing, Requirements, & FAQ

This base price for this service is $2,500/month.

Most page optimizations are quite quick to do; they should be easy for a member of your team to perform, and the recommendations will be very prescriptive. If I have access to your CMS, I can make the updates myself or help with some.

Refreshing old, out-of-date, and/or underperforming content may be more involved and may require some level of copywriting, which I do not perform myself.

Yes, there is a 3-month commitment associated with this service to provide enough time to show value.

I have yet to encounter a client that doesn’t need some level of page optimization, so it’s likely suited for anyone! If you have web pages with words on them, it’s a good idea to consider having an expert review your level of optimization.

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