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Content Strategy

Content Strategy is a much more in-depth process than the Page Optimization service, involving research, planning, and execution.

I will:

  • perform keyword research, competitor research, and create a content plan and a content calendar.
  • give an end-of-month presentation to cover findings, priorities, and the proposed plan.
  • then provide detailed page outlines for each content piece to be published.
  • perform pre and post -implementation QA.
  • set up reporting to measure impact.

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Pricing, Requirements, & FAQ

This base price for this service is $5,000/month.

At a minimum, you will need one copywriter that can create quality content from outlines and briefs, and in the brand’s voice. Alternatively, we can consider creating first drafts using an AI solution, but we will still need a team member to review, edit, and update the content before publishing in order for it to be effective and properly representative.

In essence, the more copywriting support we have to help realize the content plan, the stronger the results will be.

Yes, there is a 6-month commitment associated with this service to provide enough time for the various stages – from research to publishing – to play out and show value.

What we’re looking to do with this service is find suitable keyword opportunities, learn from effective competitor strategies, create a detailed plan to improve visibility, and then create and launch pages. This can be incredibly effective for many different types of sites, including those with local service pages, those serving any type of informational content, those with glossaries, etc.

Contact me if you’re not sure and I’ll conduct a quick audit to see if Content Strategy would be effective for your site!

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