Relocation Company Case Study: +1,220% Traffic Increase


The client came to me with service pages, a blog, and no real strategy for growth. In fact, they were so stretched for ideas, they had posted about the same topics multiple times. Google was ranking posts inconsistently, backlinks were split amongst the pages, and none of the content pieces were particularly detailed or engaging for the user.


The site needed updating and a clear direction for growth. My strategy consisted of 3 parts:

  • Consolidate duplicated / redundant assets into long-form content
  • Interlink service pages where appropriate
  • Ideate new informational topics to increase visibility and avoid redundancy

While there were some technical issues on the site, these were distractions from priority content initiatives that would have the biggest impact in the client’s KPIs. We focused on building and interconnecting content over time, and the campaign turned out to be very successful.


The red arrow represents a time of stagnation and even falling traffic and visibility for the client, which is when I started working with them. The green arrow is when we began the content initiatives, which increased both rankings and traffic to the site.

This campaign led to working on two additional services together, backlink building and SEO work on a second property.

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