Online Jeweler Case Study: +126% Traffic Recovery (Epic Comeback Story)


A reputable online jeweler started seeing some of their most important pages fall in the rankings, and with them, their traffic and revenue.

After auditing the scenario, there were a number of suspected causes:

  • Lack of backlink strength
  • A need for content improvement
  • Lack of authority-building, helpful informational content


To address the lack of backlink strength, I suggested that the client utilize a content-based link building service that could build engaging and linkable assets. The site had fallen behind competitors over the years in terms of backlink growth and this had to be addressed, even though it would be expensive and take time, because this was at the core of their ranking issues.

In addition, their content was not keyword optimized and many of their pages weren’t as built out as they could be. I divided this into two steps:

  • First, send batches of rapid fire keyword optimizations that could be implemented quickly and impact a large number of pages.
  • Second, add meaningful content sections to key pages as part of a longer-term strategy.

Finally, I created an informational content strategy to refresh existing assets as well as expand their library with new informational pages in order to get in front of more potential customers and build topical authority.

We knew this would not be a quick fix, but while the road to recovery was long, the client clearly understood the issues and the solution and was willing to put in the time and resources.


After years of steady recovery efforts, we saw early signs of hope in 2022, and most recently in 2023, the site has not only recovered but is on a trajectory to surpass even it’s highest historical rankings, and traffic numbers. Revenue, however, has been hitting all-time highs for the last 6-12 months, which is great to see.

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