Nutrition Blogger Website Build: Helpful Hand-Off


A nutrition blogger had the cooking skills and a content plan, but needed a website. Since this was a one-off project and I would not be working on the site long-term, I needed to create something that:

  • would look modern and professional.
  • be easy to edit.
  • could be completely handed off to the client for future updates.

In many cases, I believe it’s important to deliver a site the client is not only thrilled with, but one they can take over with a reasonable amount of training and practice, if desired.


For this build, I chose a beautiful theme that included recipe cards, which was obviously a critical component of a recipe and health blog. I then helped the client create the logo for her brand and the color scheme for the site.

We built the home page, about page, and a blog post together, which was a great way to create the foundation for the site as well as teach her how to edit and update and learn the ins and outs of the theme.

As always (or at least when I’m able to), I chose Siteground for hosting, which enabled me to utilize page speed tools and get the site scoring in the 70s and 80s on mobile and desktop respectively with Google’s testing tool.


If you’re a freelancer, blogger, or individual who needs a website or a website upgrade, I encourage you to reach out. I keep things simple and we’ll end up with a slick, functional site that you can be proud of and excited about. Additionally, I’m an SEO and marketing expert, so your site will be fast, optimized, integrated, and set up for growth.

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