Museum Case Study: +318% Traffic Increase


The client came to me unsure of both their technical setup and how to improve their content meaningfully enough to overtake their key competitors. After auditing the site, I was able to spot some metadata and internal linking issues as well as a lack of subtopic and entity coverage within their content.


The first thing I wanted to do is solve their technical issues to ensure any content initiatives we completed were as impactful as possible. These issues involved hreflang and global internal link errors, so they were putting the site’s visibility and crawlability at risk.

The client had a very capable and willing developer on their team who was wonderful to work with, and we were able to get their hreflang setup in order and the global links fixed.

With those items fixed and the site in a position to receive the full benefits of content work, we began initiatives to improve their existing and future resources. I advised them on a number of key page optimizations, and we used those examples to establish best practices for future content. This resulted in much more comprehensive articles that covered key subtopics and entities, which triggered Google to rank those pages better.


While we did see some ups and downs over time, with Google’s algorithmic activity being quite frequent, you can see the positive impact these initiatives had on the site’s traffic. The site went from hundreds of thousands of monthly clicks to present day nearly two million.

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