Law Firm Case Study: +60% Rankings Improvement After Botched Site Migration


The client came to me immediately after making a significant update to their existing website. These were the facts we were facing:

  • The old website looked outdated, but ranked really well.
  • The new website looked beautiful, but they lost their rankings.

With this known, it was time to audit and strategize.


Here is a very brief breakdown of the audit, the findings, and the steps we took to fix the issues:

  • The first thing I wanted to see was the content of the old site. I used the Wayback Machine to access it and noticed content had changed significantly. Most importantly, keywords had consistently been removed.
  • We restored most of the old content, but it only helped a little. After reviewing their website’s backend, I found a widespread technical issue that was diminishing the strength of their backlink profile and, thus, their authority.
  • I worked with their developer to repair these redirects as quickly as possible, and over the course of 4-6 weeks, their link equity was restored.


This graph tells the story of recovery after the strategy was fully realized. The red line shows the traffic drop, and the green line is when the strategy recommendations began to be implemented. The site rose, then plateaued, but with continued optimization work, the site was able to reach new levels, above anything it had achieved historically.

Along with a 60% rankings improvement (and correlating traffic improvement), the firm received leads that became multi-million dollar cases and added to its extensive portfolio.

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