Junk Removal Company Case Study: +238% Lift In Booking Requests


The client was frustrated with drops in rankings, traffic, and quotes / booking requests. After a brief audit of the site, I noticed that during a site migration, their web dev company had removed all of their local pages, which ranked for critical keywords like “junk removal in [area].” All Google had to rank them in more than 100 locations was the home page.


The strategy seemed simple – restore the pages that were removed. But I took this further:

  • First, I examined the localized pages that had been removed and created an improved template. This would be a new and improved return to Google search.
  • Next, I worked with the client on creating localized pages they didn’t have before. Previously, they had under 10 location pages – with the new strategy, we would cover 109 locations.


The above image first shows the number of pages on the site as well as traffic from Google search. The second part shows the number of keywords the site ranks for.

As you can see, things were flat for quite some time until we began working together on improving the site and coming back strong. Within 3-6 months of the recovery efforts, the business saw booking requests increase by +238%. Today, the site ranks for ~600 keywords, most of which are conversion-focused, and traffic has reached an all-time high.

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