Irrigation Company Website Build: Increased Clicks & Leads


The owner of a local irrigation company reached out to me about building a website for his business. Google’s Local Knowledge Panel as well as his Facebook page were bringing in some business, but he wanted (and needed) more of an organic presence. Something that kept coming up as a problem area was not having a professional, centralized digital reference point for his business, so we launched the project.


The initial build was done with a simple WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website builder. I worked with the owner on designing a logo, creating the tagline for the business, and on some content sections that only he was qualified to write.

The first iteration of the site overtook his Facebook business page and was successful, so in 2023 he requested a site update. This time, I redesigned the site with a new, modern theme, and he was thrilled with the results. As an SEO, I was able to make a significant upgrade to the site and launch without any negative impact to rankings.


Pictured above is the new website design as well as visibility and traffic for the last 6 months (as of 10/23). The new site has outperformed the last, and we continue to build new content in order to improve the brand’s reach. The website has been the main source of leads from branded and non-branded searches since it was first created.

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