Insurance Company Case Study: $231K Per Month For New Product Page


The client needed a new insurance product page because:

  • they didn’t have one at the time.
  • the product was ready for market.
  • they wanted to break onto the first page and displace competitors.

While they did have other product pages, they still requested quite a bit of guidance on design, template, and SEO for the page.


Based on this information, here are the steps I took next:

  • Keyword research around the product to ensure ROI and set expectations.
  • Page template and wireframe draft to show page design and sections at a high level.
  • Detailed SEO outline focusing on headings, text, images, and links.

I then provided recommendations on internal links pointing to the new page to ensure link equity received and crawl frequency would be maximized.


Because we prepared so well and set the stage for the page to succeed, it was a very successful launch as you can see by the graph above. And, to this day, the page continues to perform well. What you’re seeing here is the number of keywords the page is ranking for on Google’s first page. Today, that number is 530 keywords.

The page has also shown to be quite profitable for the company. As of 10/23, the site’s monthly profitability comes in at $231,000. This is the power of having a great product and a solid plan.

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