High School Athletics Hall of Fame Website Build: Honoring Greatness


After speaking with some teachers and former athletes, I offered to build a website for my former high school to establish an Athletics Hall of Fame for the town and help community members vote in a Hall of Fame “class” each year.


This simple site allows organizers of the Hall of Fame to point people to one centralized location where they can learn about the HoF and vote in athletes. The site’s main call-to-action button connects to a Google Form where the person can vote, and that form feeds into a Google Sheet where school staff can sort and tally the votes.

There are plans to build profile pages for athletes, coaches, and teams voted into the HoF, very much in the style of a Wikipedia page. The site will become a sort of historical record of the town’s athletics program.


This site, and the system behind it, has made the Hall of Fame into a physical display at the high school as well as an annual event where graduates, staff, and community members gather to induct and honor former athletes, coaches, and teams, who attend these events as well.

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