Freelancer Website Build: Done In 2 Days


Ok I admit it, I’m cheating a bit on this one since it features my own site, the site you’re on. But, it’s worth showcasing because there was an urgent need for this site to get up and running and it was completed in just two days.

Essentially, I had made the decision to be a freelance consultant after 10 years of agency work. When I updated my LinkedIn profile to say “freelance consultant,” my network noticed the change, and opportunities started to appear.

I needed a website to refer potential clients to on very short time, so I started building.


Here is how I built the core elements of this website in just two days:

  • Purchased a domain and hosting from Siteground, which is great for optimizing site speed.
  • Created a WordPress instance where my site would live.
  • Installed a beautiful modern theme.
  • Created Home, About, Contact, Service, and Case Study pages.

It’s fast, professional-looking, and a critical tool to have as a freelancer.


If you’re a freelancer, blogger, or individual who needs a website or a website upgrade, I encourage you to reach out. I keep things simple and we’ll end up with a slick, functional site that you can be proud of and excited about. Additionally, I’m an SEO and marketing expert, so your site will be fast, optimized, integrated, and set up for growth.

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